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The Bitcoin Center started in 2013 in the financial district of New York City, next to the NYSE.[1][2][3] The world’s first live cryptocurrency exchange trading floor[4][5][6][7][8], Nick Spanos founded the center with the purpose of educating people about bitcoin, blockchain and encouraging the trade of cryptocurrency. It has goals to become the first regulated exchange in the world.[9] The center currently promotes bitcoin through a host of events, such as Satoshi Square, music festivals, lectures, and movies[10].

Referred to as “Wall Street’s Cryptocurrency Headquarters”[11][12], the center featured in the 2016 documentary Banking on Bitcoin.[13][14]


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U.S. Department of Treasury ruling on live trading[edit]

With the introduction of a live trading exchange, there was debate about the legality of the trading floor at the center. Based on a U.S. Treasury Department ruling[15] on January 30, 2014, the center does not fall under their statutes because of the fact that the trading is proprietary and no commissions are taken. [16]

First U.S. Senate candidate to officially support cryptocurrency[edit]

During the center’s launch party Keynote speaker Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) announced his acceptance of bitcoin donations for his 2014 Senate campaign, making him the first U.S. Senate candidate to officially support bitcoin. [17]

Bitcoin Center Moves[edit]

Bitcoin Center opened at its new location on 157 Prince street. There is currently a DAVE Bitcoin ATM located at the premises within the 157 Prince Street office.[18][19]


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