5 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Online Marketing Campaign

Online marketing is an valuable tool when it comes to promoting your company’s service or product. It has made marketing to the masses so much more effective, with increased consumer reach and the ability to cultivate a more personal relationship with potential customers – at a far lower cost compared to conventional mass marketing methods in the past.

In order to get the most from an online marketing campaign, it is important to make sure that you are doing things correctly. These five things will help keep you on the right track, as you begin planning your online marketing campaign tactics for your company’s services or product.

#1 What Are You Trying to Do?

You need to understand what you are trying to accomplish through your Internet marketing before you start  your online campaign. You need to think about your goals: are you trying to increase traffic to your website, increase sales, or simply increase awareness? Your answer to this question will directly influence the kinds of tactics that you can use in your campaign.

#2 What Are You Trying to Say?

It is crucial to have an understanding of exactly what you are trying to say to potential consumers and clients through your marketing. Think about what you need people to know after reading your marketing copy. Is it the quality of your business, or the success that your business can bring? Or is it the fact that they save money with your company, or the unique selling proposition that your product offers? Whatever your goal may be, your message should be clear and concise.

#3 Who Are You Talking To?

You need to be able to define your audience for your product. Think about your target, their characteristics, and their personality. This will help you to tailor your message to their wants and needs.

#4 What Mediums are Used by Your Target?

You need know the different mediums that your target responds to the most. For example, emails may appeal more to the older working professionals, whereas the young generation may be more inclined towards social media.

#5 What Is Your Budget?

In view of all that is discussed, you should also have your budget in mind. How much money do you have, and how much is the campaign going to cost? Knowing your budget will help you to understand exactly how far and extensive your Internet marketing campaign can go. So take some time to reflect on these five questions.

 You simply need to make sure that you can answer all of these questions before you begin. All of these questions will make it easier for you to come up with strategies and tactics for your online marketing campaign, to create the most efficient and effective campaign possible for your product. 

Online marketing is an valuable tool when it comes to promoting your company’s service or product. It has made marketing[…]

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Getting Free Traffic to your Blog

Once you have set up your blog and posted content on it then your main focus becomes on getting people to read it. Keep in mind that you’re not reinventing the wheel here… use these proven methods of getting traffic to your blog.

1. Facebook is one of your best choices for sending traffic to your blog. You can set up a new page in 5-10 minutes and it’s simple and it’s free. But this isn’t the best part.

Once someone is a fan of your Facebook page, then you can set up automatic updates between your blog and Facebook page so that fans will be the first to see when new posts are added to your blog.

2. Start a Twitter account. Everyone and their mother seems to have joined Twitter and you should too. Set up an account exclusively for your blog. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a Twitter account. Then start sending out some interesting tweets.
Like with Facebook, you can also automatically update your Twitter followers whenever you add a new post to your blog.

You can set up automatic scheduling of tweets to make this much easier for you. Like with Facebook, you can also automatically update your Twitter followers whenever you add a new post to your blog. Ask others to retweet you so you have access to their followers as well. Continue to build your following, tweet interesting stuff, and be consistent with your tweets.

3. Utilize forum signatures. I’ll assume that you’re blogging about something you absolutely love. So you should be a member of a forum that talks about whatever this specific topic is. Be absolutely sure to utilize your signature on these forums. Place information about your blog into the signature line and use a catchy description so that people might actually click on it.

4. Social Networking, RSS feeds and Blog Directories are next.

People don’t normally just randomly stumble onto a new blog by accident and that’s why you should add all of these buttons to your blog. Not just for decorative purposes, but to give readers an easy way of sharing posts that they love.
Finally, be sure to list your blog in the biggest directories. Just Google ‘Blog Directories’ to get a list of where you can list your blog.

5. Comment on other blogs that are within the same niche as yours. Do this with popular blogs and add useful comments. Don’t just go onto a random blog and comment with “Please visit my blog” because that’s just flat out rude. Leave only helpful comments that add to the conversation and always include your blog link in the blog’s website field. I also recommend that you use trackable links so that you can know which sites are sending you the most traffic.
Guest posting is extremely powerful and most
web owners are willing to allow them.

6. Find out if any blogs allow guest posting and then contact the owner to see about getting it set up. Guest posting is extremely powerful and most web owners are willing to allow them. These posts must be only the highest quality though.

If you want an even greater chance of them saying yes, attach the proposed post to the email. If they say no, then it’s probably due to the topic. You should always ask why and hope they give you an answer. Either way, you can use that post for another submission or even add it to your own blog.

7. Ezines are still a great way of driving free traffic to your blog. People who search for information on Google often find themselves on an Ezine so why not try and let that article be yours?

Include your blog URL in the resource box to get more free traffic. Sometimes you will find your article being posted on someone else’s website which will also land you more traffic and a free backlink.

Once you have set up your blog and posted content on it then your main focus becomes on getting people[…]

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Top Tips for Building an Audience Through Social media

If you want to create a big audience for your website, business or brand, then social media is likely one of the first platforms you considered. Social networks are all about finding people, brands, products and services we like and then following them. It opens up a line of communication between a company and its fans and this creates a lot of opportunity.

But it’s not easy to stand out in such a crowded space. And it’s not easy to encourage action. So, with that in mind, let’s look at some top tips for building your audience on social media…

Add a Twitter Feed for Your Blog

This is a pretty simple and specific tip but it works wonders. If your site uses WordPress (and it should), then look up a widget that will allow you to show your Twitter feed right in the sidebar. Do the same for your Instagram.

Now, when someone lands on your page, they will not only see your social media channel and have the option to sign up, but they will also see what it’s like and what they can expect if they do sign up!


Remember, social media is first and foremost a communication tool. That means that you should not only post ‘at’ people but also ask them questions, create competitions and generally get the community involved.

This engagement will mean your page is shown on more homefeeds, but it will also build more trust with your audience.

Sell the Dream

This one is particularly important on Instagram but here the tip is to make sure that you are portraying the lifestyle you wish to promote through your social media. Learn who your channel is targeting and think about the kinds of things that get them motivated. Try to inspire them or to fascinate them because ultimately it is emotion that drives decision.

Post Regularly

This one is the most important of all: post regularly. This is especially true on Facebook where only a small percentage of your followers see each post. Find ways to make it easier to post more content by using scheduled posting tools, by using apps that post automatically and by linking your various accounts.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you don’t have periods of radio silence on your social media because attention spans are short, and momentum is everything!


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If you want to create a big audience for your website, business or brand, then social media is likely one[…]

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Four YouTube Marketing Mistakes That Internet Marketers Should Avoid

All over the globe, businesses are reaping the benefits of marketing through the various social media outlets. One of the top social media venues is YouTube.

There are literally millions of people who visit the YouTube site daily to look at these free videos… and there are many others with accounts and are subscribers. Uploading free videos that promote your business or products onto YouTube is, in essence, the same as having a free commercial on television.

However, it is inadvisable to make it feel like it is a commercial to the viewer. As an internet marketer, it is crucial that you realize there are various drawbacks which counterbalance the benefits of marketing your business on YouTube.

We’ll cover the four mistakes that internet marketers need to avoid so they can successfully market on YouTube.

First Mistake: Thinking that a video upload equates to a steady stream of traffic to your website.

The mind boggling statistic is that every second there is 1 hour of video uploaded to YouTube. This generates a competitive state for the marketer that is almost incomprehensible. In this environment, many high-quality videos will only get a couple thousand or fewer views.

This being the case, there is a crucial need to create video content geared to what the viewer wants to see… and not what you want to upload for them. The creative progression of your video should have the needs and desires of the viewer at the forefront of the process. In addition to this, there is the critical need to promote your video on other social media sites.

It is also imperative to realize that you have to have a great video concept. Time is essential for the whole process to succeed, and it takes resources to create and promote a video that will go viral when viewers share it with others.

Second Mistake: Thinking that your business is too small or new, to benefit from video promotion.

No matter the size of your business, or whether you started it yesterday or last year, it will benefit from the creation and promotion of your business videos on YouTube.

Keep in mind the video doesn’t have to look like a business video.

It may pertain to something of interest to the viewer with a mention of your website at the end or within the video description area. Any number of views can be generated that will have an impact on your business.

In making your videos, think of them as sharing something important that a friend finds useful. Make the friend or viewer the focus of the video and not your business. Keep in mind that people share useful or fun information, which can make videos go viral in a very short time.

Third Mistake: Thinking that you will just create a commercial. The prerequisite to your videos being successful is engaging with your viewer in a noncommercial way. You have to think of them, and not just about getting them to buy your product.

The purpose of your video is not to sell your product or service to a customer. YouTube viewers want video content that inspires thought, provides information, and furnishes entertainment. During your conception process, make sure that you produce a video that you would want to share with your friends. If you would want to do this, so will your viewers.

And what’s more… a good litmus test is whether you would show this video to your own friends. If this is not the case, go back to the drawing board and produce a video that will meet the criteria. Great videos should catch the viewers’ attention and captivate them.

The ideal length of time for a video is two and a half minutes all the way up to five minutes. Viewers should enjoy your videos without feeling happy they reached the end.

Fourth Mistake: Thinking that you need to produce an expensive video with all the professional bells and whistles. Sometimes, amateurish videos produce equivalent or even better results than professionally produced ones.

Before you invest a lot of money into the production of a flashy video, you need to realize that people would rather watch videos of real people doing real things. To illustrate this, think of a fast talking car salesmen trying to sell you a car with all the extras.

Then think of an ordinary person selling you a great car as they tell you that the back left tire has a slow leak. Most people would buy the car with the slow leaking tire, simply because of the honest presentation.

Most people would leave the slick talking car salesman feeling as if they have been the participant of a con job, even if they did end up buying the car.

This can also extend to a professional know-it-all, as compared to an average professional who admits to making mistakes at times.

You will be drawn more to a professional who owns up to making mistakes. This is human nature at work that relates to rooting for the ‘underdog’ and most people subconsciously identify with the underdog.

All over the globe, businesses are reaping the benefits of marketing through the various social media outlets. One of the[…]

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